Child Trust Fund

160 Years

What is a 'Child Trust Fund'?

The Child Trust Fund is a historical government backed savings scheme for children born between 1 January 2002 and 2 January 2011. Children born after this date are eligible for the Junior ISA which replaced the government CTF scheme.

Our Child Trust Fund allows investments to be made for children until they are 18. It is a very flexible way to save - anyone can contribute regular premiums from just £10 per month and add lump sums at any time.

Product Key Features

  • Flexible

    Anyone can pay into CTF (parents and families)

    • No set premium
    • Lump sum investments
    • Regular payments (Direct Debit)
    • Changeable payment amounts
    • Transferrable
  • Accessible at 18

    The CTF helps families to build up a lump sum that is available when the child is 18. No access is available before then.

  • Tax Free

    Under current legislation there is no income or capital gains tax for you or the child to pay on the proceeds when the child is 18*.

  • Investment

    The CTF invests in the Legal and General FTSE All-Share Index Tracker Fund.

Your options while you're UNDER 18

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Your options when you're OVER 18

  • Invest the whole value of the CTF

  • Invest part of the CTF value

  • Take all the value with you

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Things to Consider

You will find more information about the Child Trust Fund in the key features document and below are some important points that we want you to be aware of:

This is a medium to long term investment (5 years or more) and the proceeds cannot be accessed until the child is 18, although it can be transferred to another provider at any time.

The CTF is a stock market based investment and the value will depend upon future investment performance. You could get back less than you have invested.

The annual management charge is 1.5%. There is an annual maximum limit on contributions set by the Government (currently £9,000).

Inflation will have an effect on the future purchasing value of the CTF.

* Tax will have been paid on the underlying fund and HMRC could change the tax status of Child Trust funds in the future.


Can I transfer a CTF into a Junior ISA?
Yes. This is a very simple process. Click here for an application form.
Do I have a choice of Junior ISA Funds?
Yes. We offer a modern Sustainable Ethical Investment Fund and a Shariah Fund. Please click here to see the ISA options.
Can I check the value of my JISA online?
Yes. We offer a simple and secure online valuation which you can access at any time.

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