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Funeral Expenses Plan

It is a fact of life that we all eventually need a funeral. As Benjamin Franklin said ‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes’.

The Red Rose Friendly Society Funeral Plan gives you and your dependants the peace of mind that a lump sum will be provided to help meet some or all of the costs. The average basic funeral now costs about £3,700 (source: Money Week magazine, October 2015).

Funeral Expenses Plan Applications Currently Closed

Please note: We are not currently accepting new applications for our Funeral Expenses Plan.

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Main Product Features

  • Guaranteed acceptance

    No medical or health questions. Maximum initial sum assured of £25,000

  • Tax free

    The proceeds of the policy are free of any income or capital gains tax as long as the premiums are maintained until the time of a claim

  • Fixed monthly premium

    The initial premium will not increase throughout the term of the Plan and starts from as little as £10 per month

  • Bonuses

    As a member of the Society you share in the annual profits – a bonus may be added each year which once added, cannot be taken away. Depending on the investment performance a final bonus may also be paid at the time of a claim to ensure all members receive their ‘fair share’ of profits made over the term of the Plan.

  • Lifelong protection

    You have the peace of mind that you have lifelong protection for as long as the premiums are paid and the sum assured will be sent promptly to your nominated person.

Things to consider

You will find more information about the Funeral Plan in the key features document and below are some important points that we want you to be aware of:

  • The sum assured is not paid if death occurs from natural causes within 2 years of the policy starting, in which case the premiums would be returned.  After 2 years (or on accidental death within the first 2 years) the full sum assured and any bonuses will be paid
  • If your circumstances change and you stop paying premiums the surrender value could be less than you have paid in (and is zero for the first 3 years)
  • The value of the Plan will depend upon investment performance and future bonuses could be zero
  • Inflation will have an effect on the future purchasing power of your Plan
  • HMRC could change the tax status of these types of policy in the future
Funeral Expenses Plan

Product Comparison Table

Over 50s Plan

Family Group Funeral Plan

Funeral Expenses Plan
Min prem £10 £11.98 £10
Max Prem Sum assured up to £25,000 £59.90
(for £10,000 sum assured)
Sum assured up to £25,000
Min age at outset 50 17
(min age of proposer)
Max age at outset 75 69 75
Min term (years) None None None
Max term (years) None None None
Fixed term No No No
Flexible contributions No No No
Life cover Sum assured plus bonuses paid if death occurs after 2 years of start date. Return of premiums if death in first 2 years. Sum assured paid if death occurs after 18 months of start date. Return of premiums if death in first 18 months. Sum assured plus bonuses paid if death occurs after 2 years of start date. Return of premiums if death in first 2 years.
Transferable No No No